Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm back

I almost gave up on this blog but I'm back. After my last attempt at a non-fertility related post, it's the number one thing on my mind AGAIN. I had a less stressful month this month, measuring my basal temperature to confirm ovulation which was a fantastic feeling. BUT I do have, it seems, a luteal phase defect (9 days this cycle)...f**k. I have been on the internet all day, 2 days before my Spanish exams, avoiding revision. But I did practice a bit of Spanglish purchasing some over the counter vit B supplements (to lengthen the luteal phase blah blah) but had to admit defeat at trying to book a Doctors appointment over the phone. I have had to ask one of the few people I know on this side of the world to do it for me. Of course I haven't told her why, she's a 'meet for coffee once a month' kind of friend, I don't have any 'bitching and wine' friends yet, but I'm working on it.