Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Acupunture without subtitles

So as I now live in South America and have yet to put more then two Spanish words together, I'm limited in my choices of hairdresser, doctor and acupuncturist. After a search on the expats website and some whiny responses from a few discontented yanks I found a very enthusiastic lady a few miles from my flat called Dr B, who like me, speaks fluent Spanglish.
Dr B is very busy and reckons acupuncture is contraindicated post ovulation so I'm limited to one treatment a month. This is my second. I'm not sure Dr B fully understands me but I get my point across, for her to lance her needles in the right spot. She does like to remind me that her daughter is 10 whole years younger than me and already trying for baby number two though I'm sure it's not meant with any malice. After waving a funny metal rod above my head, Dr B thinks I am "in better 'armony" and feel something so fingers crossed, it's all worth it. I pay her the equivalent to £12 and leave. On the way out of her smart 6th floor apartment she talks about my future baby, rather like the imaginary baby of my dreams. Dr B says the baby won't come if I'm crazy, moving across the world, living in crap flat etc...well I said "I'm moving...somewhere lovely!", Dr B was not impressed that we only have one bedroom in the new place.
Anyway, I feel happier this month, even though I'm none the wiser about my chances of conceiving. Things are more in perspective. On the way home I wonder about the imaginary future baby and if it did exist and had a choice would IT think I'm ready...we're ready?

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