Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 9

I had a lovely spotting-free week at week 8 but it returned on Wednesday (just gone) and was pinker like the first time, accompanied by back ache and a new level of symptoms. I've been in bed most of the week and ended up calling Dr P on Thursday to see if he thought the back ache could be a urine infection. (He said yes and he was right).

He was due to finish his list in an hour and a half but said if I could get to the clinic in time he could fit me in...maybe do a scan and save a visit tomorrow. Well, like lightning I showered dressed, tidied my nether regions for my close up, jumped in a taxi (sod the expense), and I was en route to the 'GP's' to collect my routine 'early pregnancy' time to flag another cab to catch Dr P in time for a good hour-long session that I think in the UK they call 'booking in' and is of course done by a Midwife. It was a relief to see the heart beat again and the growth.

Now it's the next milestone and there are some big tests to come...but that's another post.


  1. Hi.. just found your new address after your email! For some reason, although I was still following, I wasn't getting updated with your posts. Anyway, glad to be back with you! xx

  2. Oops.. I unfollowed, so I could follow again and see if that fixed the problem.. now it won't let me! I'll keep trying..

  3. I haven't gotten your posts in my reader list since you moved the blog. Just came here after emailing you back.

    And wow, you are indeed pregnant! Congratulations, don't know the full story just yet but it sounds scary with the spotting. Hope it goes away completely so there's nothing to worry about!