Thursday, February 3, 2011

More hurdles to jump

I've been busy at last this week and the time has flown by, I've hardly touched the internet and feel almost 'normal' again. What an awful week, next time I won't take time off in the 2 week wait, except for the last few days before testing as I think I would have struggled to work this time around once the bleeding started. If I was in my old job I would certainly have made my excuses and crawled home. Otherwise, I will keep busy. I would also like to meet and shake the hand of anyone who felt 'relaxed' pre embryo transfer on a fresh cycle. Impossible, waiting until the last minute to find out how many are being transferred, the quality and if there are any left, just days after egg collection and two weeks of injectable hormones. Positive and happy times, yes but relaxing? Not for me. I imagine a frozen cycle would be different, you can keep busy and active until transfer, lie around with acupuncture needles sticking out of your body and being something close to relaxed.

I can hardly face writing this it's so tiresome, nothing would surprise me now. I saw Dr P before he went on holiday and we are now waiting to sort out a few more things. I hope we can have a cycle in April, not sure about March. The polyps in the cervical canal that disappeared have grown back 4 times the size because of all the hormones. The doctors managed to get past them to transfer the embryos but predict that next time, with all the oral pre transfer hormones they will get bigger again and it could make transfer impossible. This explains the horrendously painful period I'm having at least. All Gynae Drs take a holiday now it seems and arrive back mid month so I have an appointment to see someone new then so I can beg him to do the operation before the 4th week of Feb, that gives a small chance of an embryo transfer in March, just a small one, we have to wait for histology too, another potential delay and of course hope there aren't more surprise polyps in the uterus. More bloods early yesterday morning...boring, boring so bored of tests and waiting and trying to fit them around my course and exams.

I can readjust my fantasy accordingly, so maybe one day there will be a baby but not in 2011, I can scribble that part out. I'm enjoying being back in the real world this week so I'm definitely packing the fantasy away again for a while.


  1. This really sucks - thinking of you a lot these days. When you feel like writing about it I'm still interested in hearing how things are going with you.

  2. Sorry to hear about the polyps.. it's still possible to get blindsided by news that you're not expecting, isn't it? Even when you think you've got a handle on all the possible outcomes... Thinking of you xx