Tuesday, December 13, 2011

38 weeks (and induction booked)...

...almost, as of this Thursday anyway.

I've come out the other side of my low stage where I felt I was going to check ups and nothing was happening and I must be doing something wrong and I felt really disconnected from everything.

I still measure under at 36 weeks (always been a week behind) now but have put on lots of weight, mainly fluid in hands and feet plus as Dr pointed out today...my nose...it's true. Nice to know the babies estimated weight was 3.2kg in new units or 7lb and a bit to me, at last weeks scan, a nice size.

Every Tuesday now I go for a non-stress test in the morning at the big hospital, leaving 2 hours to kill which is not quite enough time to go home and come back before seeing my Dr. at the clinic, all in all I'm out of the house from 9-5pm. Today he said the cervix 'has softened' which has really lifted my mood though the baby is unlikely to appear before next Tuesday when we will repeat the same tests and see what's occurring. It's nice to know something is happening. It's not that I want the baby to come early, I just want signs that it's coming.

If it hasn't made an appearance by the following Tuesday 27th, my EDD, I will be booked for an induction around the 29th. Argentina are famous for this, despite my Dr saying he'd let me go 10 days over, it turned into 7 days and now it's 1. Here, they don't wait long for a response after induction either, it's quick to CS which (as is more likely post induction) is where they get their 60% CS rate from I suppose. I've been prepared for this really and I'm aware of the pros and cons. It would be lovely if the baby decided to come of it's own accord before then.


  1. Glad to hear baby is doing well :) Just wondering, is the induction scheduled just in case you go past your EDD or is there another health reason? xx

  2. Glad to hear you and bub are doing well. I hope bub decides to come before you need to be induced!

  3. Purely because of EDD being 27th hence my discomfort as I'm used to the UK 10-14 days past EDD unless medical reasons but as I say they are famous here for doing that, some expats lie about EDD (making it later) to avoid inductions and change obs/gynae. I've decided just to go with it as at I just have to trust Dr P as I have for the last 18 months. He said if there are signs of something happening at 40 weeks 2 days we can wait but if zero and no contractions or softening of cervix then each day carries a little risk so he'd rather get things moving...hmmm we shall see x

  4. It's getting really close now. Hope you won't need the CS then..