Friday, December 23, 2011

39 celebrate... and 4 years

...since N and I married, I had just turned 32, we met when I was 29 and the time has passed more slowly in the last few years as the waiting for a baby began. Can't believe I'm 36 though. It all just feels like numbers, quite meaningless. I think age is just a number ...except when it comes to diminishing fertility. For the first time in my life I envy peoples age and I'd love a few more fertile years to play with for future treatments. While my mind feels as prepared as it will ever be to make the transition to Motherhood I have been fantasising this week about have a body 10 years younger to get me through labour. A nice springy one!

My induction is booked a week today. I've read UK and other guidelines until my eyes hurt and spoken at length with my Dr. In his professional opinion he is giving me the chance to reach my due date with a day or two over and then as (he believes) the placenta starts to decline post EDD he wants to start an induction as (he believes) this will give the baby the best chance and why take any risk at all in going overdue?! It's not what they do in this country and he couldn't see why I was so keen to wait. I pulled the 65% (out of the hat) of women who labour spontaneously between week 40 and week 41 but I couldn't seem to hold my ground when debating what was best for a baby and it kept coming round to what was best for my body/birth experience/recovery by having a greater chance of natural delivery. Dr P sees the induction as a 'natural' delivery. The conversation became quite circular and so I am back to facing an induction on the 29th with excitement, fear, defeat and guilt. We shall see what the next few days hold and what's occurring at next Tuesday's appointments...

I do feel like the end is in sight for the first time and I am savouring every moment now, of sleep (when I can), uninterrupted conversations with friends, reading a book, swimming and walking round my neighbourhood having my bump rubbed and touched by all the local folk.


  1. hey what is your email..I do not know how to find it..or you can email me at.
    Ahh. we are both induced very soon. Please==tell me how it goes..I am a little scared of the labor process. And yes...everyone seems to be kissing my belly:)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! And try not to worry too much about the induction (if necessary)... Fighting the system can be more stress than it's worth sometimes and it sounds like the Dr really does have yours and baby's best interests at heart, even if he approaches it differently than others might. xxx

  3. Thanks both, sent you an email M and got reply from you on 14th to my yahoo so u can use that if it works for u x

  4. Hope all is well and that you have your baby safe in your arms, assuming the induction went as planned out!