Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today I picked up the Xrays of the truly uncomfortable scan I had last week. They were meant to go in a pile by the front door until December the 13th when we return to the posh clinic but instead I opened them and diagnosed myself with a hydrosalpinx. It seems I was right in thinking the asymmetrical view I saw on the screen during the procedure was not good. However, the peculiar, white shape veering off to the left was not in fact the patent tube I had hoped but a dilated fluid filled sack, swinging between my uterus and my right ovary.

I was puzzled initially as to why I needed the scan pre IVF when it seemed I would not be using the tubes I was born with. They could be tied in knots and it wouldn't matter. But it seems that hydrosalpinges like to empty their contents into the uterus post embyro implantation flushing out the contents or at times the fluid just lingers and gently lets out drops of toxic liquid to ensure IVF is unsuccessful.

The solution. To cut or clamp the tube.

Well whatever the Dr decides next month will be my next step. I'm not at all happy about permanently occluding the watery view of my right ovary and shutting it away in the darkness. I feel a little short of breath just picturing it. All this just adds to an already complex situation and I did cry into my tea this morning and N just agreed with how crap all this is which cheered me up. There's nothing like someone throwing a positive slant on something to help me find the darkest attitude ever. I like to work it out for myself. So....on a positive note, I am grateful that these fertility experts know this related risk as it has only come to light quite recently. So I suppose it's not completely hopeless.

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