Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ILCW virgin

Hello...I'm 35 and living in South America, missing England and planning on having my first baby here in December following (ICSI in January) a FET in April. I avoid naming the country or city I live in as I have promised my husband N that this blog is very private (not easy to find on Google) but I will say it's the land of steak and Malbec and of course Tango, so now you know. It would be lovely to hear from anyone at any stage of treatment, pregnancy or parenthood.

I think I need to create a post like this for people to find when the visit my blog after I leave a comment on their blog, presumably mentioning ILCW so they know they are invited to follow/read/comment on my blog?? Bit confused my this part... 'Every day, leave 5 comments and return 1 comment for a total of 6 comments.' So then I pick 5 different blogs each day and leave a comment them? Not sure what it means by return one...reply if I get a response perhaps? ...we shall see, if not I will have worked it out by next month.


  1. Hi. Yes, return any comments you get, and hopefully people will return yours. I usually go down the list, or sometimes up, and visit the blogs i have the most in common with. Most people sign off their ICLW comments with their list number so they can be found easily, so I would put 'Kat ICLW #85' this month at the end of my post.

  2. Ah thanks! Yeh I didn't get the return one comment I suppose it means at least one comment. I try to reply to most. Thanks for the tips!

  3. My first ICLW too! I need to do a "how we ended up here" post. Looking forward to following your journey! Best, Bernadette