Monday, June 20, 2011


Most of the threads I am finding information on these days are about shopping and the general order of antenatal care in the UK. The postal service here doesn't exaggeration so I can't order anything and most things you buy here, clothes for example, are made here and are very poor quality at a high price. Food is what I am missing most. While I'm strong believer in eating what a country does best when you are on holiday it's different if you live abroad. N made a trip to Mauritius recently and managed to find bacon and baked beans. Incredible. Even when I have spent time in Bangkok, Hanoi and Hong Kong to visit friends I have found a better selection of food. Expats took me to local cafes doing a full English or a nice Italian style pizza when you need a change and of course the traditional food is so great. I always want to return home for Marmite though and N managed to make a dash to a big supermarket in Johannesburg on his way back to South America with find 3 jars. This is keeping me going. My last empty jar ended up being kept because I couldn't accept it was truly empty and I sketched and painted the final scrapings, several times.

I feel so far from home these days. It's 6 and a half weeks before we return for our annual visit and I will be eating as much asian food, spicy food, fish, humous and chocolate without anti melting agent as I can. In place of cold white wine which I must avoid I will enjoy squash that is not 'red/orange/yellow fruits flavour' and doesn't come in the form of powder, cranberry juice and a wonderful selection of tea. This country does have the best meat and red wine in the world (in my opinion) but that's the last thing I want at the moment. Marmite on toast, with butter NOT cream cheese, a twix and a cup of decaf earl grey would go down a treat!

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  1. You've pretty much described my morning sickness cure which I've been having every day... well, not the Twix and gluten-free toast but the rest is spot on! It's weird how much I want Marmite on toast when I'm feeling queasy!
    We're quite lucky here to be able to get lots of international food, plus gluten-free stuff which is vital for me (partly because I pestered local supermarkets to stock it!). I'm concerned that the choice in Seoul will be more limited but I hear it's improving :)
    Love your painting xx