Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Box of delights

As usual, collecting the medications today took an extra hour. I should be used to adding an hour to every task I do here but it still surprises me.

It is 35 degrees today, 2 degrees down from yesterday. The pharmacist eventually arrived with the injections in a large cooler box that seemed big enough to supply a theatre or hospital ward and I'm still shocked now at the quantity. I had to remove one of the shelves in the fridge, (see photo). I double checked with the pharmacist about storage and she seems to contradict everything the Dr said but maybe it's just my bad Spanish? The boxes say 2-7 degrees, out of sunlight, don't freeze and in this heat I decide that in amongst the dairy products and veg is the best place for them.

I was sweating in the heat and with my nerves on the bumpy bus ride home, carrying this box of terrifying medicines after coughing up just over 6000 pesos (£1000)...phew! Now I just hope I get to use them in January. Until then, I await further instruction.


  1. I just showed my husband the picture of your fridge, and he said 'Where are the drugs?'

    I pointed to the huge white box. He stared.

  2. Yup...and that's the SHORT cycle!