Monday, January 17, 2011

2 dpt embryo is now a blastocyst

Thinking about the whole testing process and the confusing signs one gets, has reminded me of the perils of symptom spotting in the 2 week wait. I haven't been in a 2ww since last August, not one with any real hope anyway so I think it's worth noting my symptoms for future cycles. I know that a year ago before I got the knack of my pattern each month, the slightest twinge or swelling had me rushing to the chemist to buy a stick to pee on. Now it seems as soon as you start any sort of fertility treatment you need to start interpreting or rather trying not to misinterpret everything.

The daily report on the cell growth has helped me be realistic about the cramps or rather twinges that I have been getting, that my uterus is still settling and probably a bit confused to by the 8 hourly progesterone doses. It definitely feels different to a normal cycle and I've been waking a lot in the night, uncomfortable every time I roll over. I suppose it feels like day 22-26 of my cycle normally with the swollen boobs and bloating.

I must admit that these past few months I've barely noticed pre menstrual symptoms at all and I realised how exaggerated everything became when I started charting everything. Some people advise against it, saying it makes stress worse and therefore (literally) counter productive but it gave me the confidence to know that we were trying our best each month, that I had a fertile window and that it really was taking too long, I couldn't just keep wondering. Imagine if I had waited as two of my doctors advised me. I'm glad I went after 9 months and started telling white lies!

Apart from checking blogs, which I find very comforting, I have stayed off BC website for 24 hours now and I feel better for it. I've blocked the notifications and daily updates and while it's the last thing I feel like doing, I'm organising to meet up with people in the week.

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  1. Sounds like you're taking a very sensible approach to the 2ww! I agree that charting and being so hyper-aware of your cycle can make the slightest 'symptom' seem like a major thing but it's so hard to stay grounded when you want something sooo much!