Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3...USS to check follicles

Well I hardly slept but managed a few hours before waking up and giving daily dose of Gonal F. This time just the one injection so hope I've cracked the technique now. At the clinic I assumed the position and felt a bit odd being on my period no matter how much the Doctors said they were used to it. This time I felt really tender when he waggled the probe about and started to count, Dr H joined him and for some reason I found it hilarious listening to their accents. It's such a singy accent and they said cinco about 10 times, loads more numbers, left, right and then said all looked good. Conclusion: 10 follicles, 5 each side. I suppose I'd hoped for more but didn't want too many either as I understand it's quality not quantity.

I felt better afterwards and managed to relax in the afternoon, in between googling do's and don't when 'stimming' and realised I have been given about 10% of the information compared to ladies back in the UK who have practice runs with the injector pen and nice, colourful booklets and meetings to attend with other IVF-ers!

Then my phone rings and it's Dr P sounding a bit concerned. For about 3 seconds my heart is in my mouth until he finishes his sentence and it's not bad news but not great either. They need an ECG and some other test pre egg collection (blood test), should really have been done pre-stimming but hey. Tomorrow at 10.00.

My conclusion: the clinic needs some Nurses. Nurses to help prepare patients and run support groups, access information, demonstrate self injection techniques, answer questions about medication, a bit of phlebotomy AND run a check list pre treatment, so they can say 'Um Dr, do we still need an ECG?'.


  1. How frustrating for you! Well, at least the cycle continues...

    10 follies doesn't sound too bad - and as you said, quality not quantity. Plus you don't want to go too far the other way and end up with OHSS.

  2. Helllloooo! definately quality not quantity. xxx

  3. Thank you both! That's cheered me up, also nice to know you are reading x