Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So far so good

Roll on Friday when I should know if any of the eggs have matured, been fertilised and multiplied appropriately. The next step is obvious but I haven't even dared pencil it into my diary yet so as not to temp fate. They managed to extract 9 eggs from 11 follicles, more than anticipated, which helps the odds somewhat and so for at least today I can breath a quiet sigh of relief that I can tick the box next to egg collection.

I found the whole experience less painful than anticipated. It hurt as I woke up and I had a lot of twinges, like really bad trapped wind that makes you wonder if perhaps you have appendicitis but then it eventually passes. A few hours on I have cramps and twinges but nothing more than a bad menstrual day. I haven't taken any pain killers, I think I'm still high on relief.

I enjoyed the anaesthetic as much as my last one during a dental op. I can remember drifting off and hearing Dr P say...'are you OK', I know this tone, it means 'are you asleep yet...can I start?'. 'Yes', I said proudly, 'I'm still awake but it's so lovely, like being drunk but lovelier...'. I woke up back in recovery and took some persuading that I had been there for half an hour already. Allegedly, I even managed to walk from the theatre to the recovery room where N was waiting and with out fully opening my eyes I asked 'Did you do your 'jizz' yet?' and just to be sure the non English speakers accompanying me to the bed could understand I followed the question with a griped hand and back and forth motion of the wrist. I don't recall any of this of course, I then threw myself on the bed with one arm and one leg dangling over the side and the Anaesthetist said to N, 'I think she's still drunk' to which he replied, 'I've seen worse' and he has too!

I wished I could stay asleep until the end of the month, at which point someone could wake me and say 'yes' or 'no'. Still such a long way to go.


  1. Glad it went well and you got 9! Also very interesting to read how the EC went.. that's the step I'm most apprehensive about if/when we go to IVF.. partly because I've heard stories here that you're not always sedated and, even if you are, sometimes not really asleep!
    Anyway, loved your description of waking up ;) Apparently I was really mean to my bloke when I woke up from my lap/hyst but I don't remember that either!
    Keeping everything crossed for you.. xx

  2. Do our actions count if we don't remember them? ;)

    I've had worse gynae procedures and trips to the dentist than EC. A word on the sedation and 'not really asleep'(I used to be a surgical nurse). I think it's confusing as there are so many different levels of sedation and anaesthetic and for EC you are not 'put to sleep' just taken to a level where you are not fully conscious and don't feel pain. The drugs have a memory wiping effect too so often the patient is a little conscious (me walking to from theatre to recovery room) but still clueless. You will have an anaesthetist all to yourself who is continuously watching your heart rate while you sleep, any signs you may be coming round a little before time and they will top you up. I read on BC one lady said she was a bit 'conscious' but felt nothing. I imagine if you were expecting a full general anaesthetic you might feel you had been short changed but really, to help your body recover, less is more!

  3. LOL ! exellent. I am on tenderhooks here. Almost at ET. I keep everything crossed for you. Are you having two put back? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Honestly, I don't know and that's the scary thing. Think they hope for 2 grade A and if so will squeeze both in but if I get a few and poor quality (grade B and C) then they put in 3?! Ahhhh....just need to wait til Saturday x