Sunday, January 2, 2011

Treatment day 2

Well, I managed to stab myself twice this morning, an improvement on yesterday. After jab #1 with 225 I was convinced it had not clicked fully and that 50-75 remained on the dial so I stuck it in for good measure a second time which only confirmed it was empty and gave me my first bruise. Fingers crossed just the one tomorrow. I'm dreading my first USS since starting jabs, due 09.00 tomorrow. Worried Docs will say 'oooh dear no it looks bad'....too many follicles, not enough, too big, too small...scary!

The injections really are OK and I feel a little resentful about the scaremongering I have read on various websites. What bothers me is the responsibility of it all. What if there is a power cut and the fridge goes off/I use the wrong drug/wrong dose/wrong time/wrong day? The 'what if's' are endless it seems on this journey and I have been feeling nauseous all day with pure fear of the unknown. I didn't think I would feel this way, this truly is the longest month ever. I hope my trip to the clinic puts things in perspective tomorrow and that there will be some good bumps, it always cheers me up to see bumps in the waiting room.

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