Monday, January 10, 2011

The plan so far...Day 10

I have 11 folicles and half a dozen eggs of a good size that hopefully will be joined by one or two more and so this mornings Gonal F was my last shot to stimulate the ovaries. Tonight I take the final Cetrotide to inhibit ovulation followed an hour later by the 'trigger' shot of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) to trigger ovulation in 36-40 hours time...that precise...even in South America! So I will have a needle-free-keep-your-pants-on day tomorrow and start nil-by-mouth from midnight...........Then, on Wednesday I will go to the clinic at 08:00, 35 hours post trigger shot and get gowned up for egg collection while N works the magic into a pot next door. I can't even entertain the idea of a potential embryo transfer, that hurdle is not quite in terrifying.

Today I was struck by the surreal-ness of it all. Legs akimbo, staring at the shadows cast by my giant knees from the spotlight and Dr H wandering in to count with Dr P and I translate, heart beating too fast, 16, 17 and a 20...good sizes but some are still 'chiquitito' and probably won't grow much more, there are 11 follicles but I will be lucky to get half this number. Vamos a ver!
Dr H, is pleased as Dr P say's get dressed I'll be waiting next door as he pings the KY jelly filled condom off the probe and flicks it in the bin.

N couldn't make the appointment this morning and it feels rather strange doing this without him, there are 3 men in my day to day life at the moment all trying to get me pregnant and I feel like a clucky old hen with it's head lopped off, running around in all the confusion being chased by men in white coats. Now it's time for my trigger shot and hopefully the last needle for a while. I've nearly done my bit, I've stuck to the rules and hope to be duly rewarded.


  1. How exciting! So glad that things have got this far. Keep us updated.

  2. Great to hear about your numbers of follicles and eggs! Really liked your comments about this experience being surreal.. I often have those 'how did I get here?' moments!

    Also, 3 men trying to get you pregnant! Pity it's not the fun it sounds like! ;)

  3. Forgot to say, hope the EC goes really well. Let us know! xx