Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 1dpt (day past transfer) the embryos should be growing and tomorrow become blastocysts

I feel so much better today and it feels nice to look in the mirror again. Usually I just check for left over toothpaste marks and try not to spend too long examining my lines. I used to feel fine about getting older but as motherhood was to be denied for a while, the ageing process seemed to speed up. Now we have a chance even though it's small, (I am very bloated and crampy), I can rub my tummy and conjure up the black and white image of my uterus from yesterdays scan, with tiny speck of grey hope in the middle. And I actually feel 'fertile' for the first time, even if it doesn't last, it's worth enjoying. I'm almost tempted to wee on a pregnancy test just to get a positive from the trigger shot on Monday in case it's my only chance but I'm saving it for next week.

Dr P has booked me in for an HCG blood test on Friday 28th, Day 13, at 08.00, so he can call me in the evening with the result. There is absolutely no way I'm waiting that long. People on BC website seem to test on 11dpt so I plan to take a test in a few days to check if the HCG is clear and then do another on Day 13 (maybe sooner if I'm honest). At least then if it's negative I know that good news from Dr P is unlikely and can prepare myself for his call and if the urine test doesn't quite pick up the HCG in the blood (more sensitive of course) and it shows positive in blood it will be a welcome surprise. Hmm...I mustn't waste all my pesos on false reading either so will try to wait until 13dpt.

1dpt (day past transfer) the embryos should be growing and tomorrow become blastocysts


  1. If you can manage it, definitely wait until the day of the blood test to do the home test. If it's a chemical pregnancy, like one of the ladies on BC recently, I know I would devastated if the blood test came back negative after getting a positive reading on the home test.

    Btw - you can order hpts cheap from You have to follow the instructions carefully, but they are much cheaper than buying them from the shops - I got them ordered to Spain so you can probably get them sent out to Argentina.

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog. Its not a topic im over familiar with so i think I many need to re-read to fully understand, but i completly admire your honesty during this whole journey and wish you all the best...if you ever need a non virtual ear....:)

  3. I agree with Kat.. a chemical pregnancy sounds so hard to deal with. But I would definitely want to test at home before the blood test too! Keeping everything crossed for you xx

  4. Thanks all!

    I just don't trust the postal service here to order anything from overseas again so sadly I can't use your excellent suggestion. If I stick to my plan I can dust off the one I have in the cupboard if it hasn't expired.

    And J, it's great to know I have a local ear, the beauty of the blog is I won't have to bore you twice with it and when I see you next we can talk about OTHER things, which I'm looking forward to. You can just look at the blog from time to time just to check I haven't lost the plot. Especially with N away working in Feb and March.

    Yes, I've have yet to make my mind up about the test, I suppose I'll play it by ear. I missed the chem preg on BC....did it go from BFP urine to BPN in blood?

    I'm wondering because I heard that a chemical pregnancy (CP) that shows up in urine will be classed as positive in blood too on the first sample, even if BFP goes to BFN. I had a blood HCG last year after a query BFP two days earlier. Dr said IF my HCG had reached high enough to show in urine (even days earlier) then would be positive still(above 5) in blood which it wasn't so confirmed my eyes were playing tricks on me. Was an evaporation line. The blood test confirmed I didn't have a CP and I was devastated as a chemical pregnancy would have given me hope for the future that we were fertile but unlucky, so part of the reason I was testing for a while was to catch a CP, which never happened.

    I didn't realise before I started this treatment that because of the sensitivity of the blood test the blood test on 13dpt is only a baseline for serial tests to check it's rising appropriately so it can lead to false hope and disappointment just the same as urine tests. I think I want a urine test the same day as blood to back up the result.....if it's negative then a negative blood test won't be a huge surprise, if it's negative but blood positive then maybe just a CP or very early sign of hope. If urine positive and blood is too then it's just wait and see.

    All very strange as I used to dream of a positive but now it just means 'it's not over yet, fingers crossed for test number 2'. I hope I make it that far!