Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small world

Since my post on Tuesday I've wondered about all the other people out there who have infertility or secondary infertility. Yesterday I went to the clinic to pick up a prescription and saw the familiar face of the lady who sent K one of the emails to recommend health plans that I mentioned in Tuesday's post, the one who said 'IF number 2 ever comes along'. I couldn't believe it. Ours is not one of the well known clinics either. I felt really sad watching her walk through reception but at the same it was a small comfort to know she chose the same clinic as us. If only finding fertility services was as easy as finding maternity services and you could simply send out an email to friends saying 'anyone know anywhere?'.

So I was surprised but distracted as I was running late to meet my friend outside the agreed spot by one of the cities big hospitals. I knew she had been trying to sort health care out but I wondered if she may be pregnant. She mentioned acupuncture last time we met and said it was for post op care but didn't say why. I've been so absorbed with our treatment none of it added up but before the waiter had brought our drinks over suddenly she was shaking and saying 'ectopic pregnancy....nightmare....IVF' and I noticed the bag next to her was bulging with test results. Our conversation about frustrating hospital systems turned to gynaecology and as we'd both gone that far the rest unfurled. I didn't say I was in the two week wait, we just talked about the testing stage. When I woke up this morning I thought I may have dreamt the whole thing. She was as amazed as I was and couldn't believe that when we were out on the girls night 2 weeks back that I was one week into my treatment already.

I'm nervous that another person knows but I know I can trust her as she has only told 4 people and seems to share a lot of my views. I hope we can be supportive to one another even though we are at different stages in this and the future may hold very different things for us.

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