Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28/Day 2

Thankfully the flow is now so heavy and red I didn't need to waste any time or money on a home test. I was up all night changing pads and only slept an hour but made it in time for the 08.00 blood test. Paid the deposit for my studies and home to bed. I'm sticking to no tampons/continue progesterone rule so I can tick every box this cycle but at least my period is here so the waiting game has come to end. Just be nice to speak to Dr P for closure, permission to have a stiff drink and count yesterday as cycle day 1.

It seems that most clinics stick to the wait until the blood test rule. There is a chance of an ectopic which seems crazy given the tubes aren't used but it happens so I know it's something else to rule out and it will be a relief to hear the final HCG figure, see if there was a whiff of a chemical pregnancy. I feel so poorly, dreadful back ache, sore throat aching legs. It's impossible to keep cool in this heat too so I'm feeling the more 'uncomfortable' than ever before.

What a long, long month it's been. I hope the bleeding will follow my normal pattern once the progesterone stops so I can wear my normal clothes again (most with waistbands have been stuck in wardrobe), get back to the gym and the pool etc. I hope Dr P says we can go again in March, that would be something to look forward to.