Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yesterday & today

Yesterday was long but good on the whole. Woke. Usual Gonal F Injection. Bus. Clinic. Eggs still growing. Book another USS for tomorrow (Saturday) at 08.00. Prescription for more Cetrotide to inhibit ovulation. Big queue in pharmacy. Skip pharmacy to make it across town for ECG and pre surgery cardiac assessment. Tube. Walk. Take ticket. Check in. Take another ticket. Check in on 1st Floor. Leave request form in pigeon hole on door. Knock door as advised by sign and take seat. Wait 20 mins. Go through and have ECG on machine older than I am. Then wait again for rude Dr 'Whitney dressed as Britney' to assess me with her expressionless, plastic face. All OK. Leave. Tube. Pharmacy. Injection bloody expensive and not enough cash. Go to cash point. No money. Another bank 4 blocks away. No funciona! Next machine works. Pay. Bus. 6 hours later arrive home and try to psych myself up to go out this evening with people I don't know very well for sushi and cocktails at 20.00...when Cetrotide is due, shit.

Well, I went out and was late but glad I went. I nice bunch of girls, not too young or too many Mums so a good distraction to sit in the penthouse apartment balcony overlooking the floodlit pool and listening to dating stories from the single folk. Met a lovely lady, 41 but looked 31 and after a while she told me she had left her old life with her husband in London 4 years ago to escape the slog and they had travelled all over South America but sadly split up 4 years ago. She wanted to meet someone but was realistic some men may not be interested as she doesn't think she will ever be a Mum, she had grieved, accepted and said she honestly was getting on with her life but it had been hard. I now know better than to say 'but maybe' as she is right so I quietly hoped that she may have a last minute surprise or become a lovely step Mum perhaps. Anyway I felt grateful and went out until 02.00 drinking very little for me just to be careful not to dehydrate and for a moment in the garden of a cocktail lounge it started to rain so we sheltered under a tree and I forgot all about treatment and injections and ultrasounds (due in 6 hours).

Woke on time. USS ok, need more time, eggs still got some growing to do, 2 are almost ready so fingers tightly crossed more will mature. Some are half the size they should be at collection so realistic I won't get more than 6. Persistent taste of Pisco Sour, most of which I tipped in the bushes and flash backs of egg white wouldn't disappear so I eventually puked and slept for 5 hours. I'm quite constipated too which isn't helping. Plus Dr asked today 'Getting lots of discharge?' ...'yes', I said...phew....I have been having a knicker change half way through the day and secretly worrying about it ...these are the things no one tells you about so I'm sharing the gory details.

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  1. Wow.. your day was a full one! You're really good though, going out and making the effort. I get so reluctant to go out and see people when all this stuff is going on.