Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Egg collection tomorrow

I timed my trigger shot perfectly and in it went bang on 9pm. There's not much more I can do now except be very organised for tomorrow. ECG and cardiac assessment, HIV tests (arrived yesterday!!! both negative), pot for N's contribution waiting by the door. Now off for a long bath and some preening for my close up tomorrow. I attempted to prepare the flat, stripped all bed linen, covers, pillow cases, every dish cloth and towel and left them at the laundrette, which sadly shut for a medical emergency (according to a post-it note on the door) and so my washing is still in the machine getting a good soak until who knows when.

I have more than an average case of OCD and often draw strength from rearranging inanimate objects. I have been careful not to get too attached to anything except the colour pink, which I have worn in some shape or form since I went for my baseline scan on 31/12/10. I have made a little woven bracelet to wear, in pink for tomorrow and so I'm nearly done. Cheese and meat sandwich (there is no other in this country) and now I'm nil by mouth for tomorrow.

I feel some excitement to have reached another hurdle but I know we are not over it yet and so I feel more fear than anything. I'm so nervous about the success of this and potential embryos that I can't even contemplate the anaesthetic and procedure. It's on a par with waiting to get on the plane when we moved out here, the night before a final exam, collecting the exam results and going for a job interview that involves public speaking. The prospect of success, peoples kind words and my trusty pink band will get me through, I know it.

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  1. Good luck good luck good luck!

    Fingers are so crossed for you! I've been trying to work out the time zones so I can send you good vibes... And apparently it should be right now (I don't understand time zones... what day is it?)