Thursday, January 27, 2011


I rang to check the time of the HCG tests tomorrow, I really want it for confirmation (as if the red blood wasn't enough). It's very surreal to be here, the night before day 28 when I thought I'd be a bag of nerves but I'm just fed up, tired and want a drink.

Dr P says come at 08.00 and call him 12 hours later. I asked if it was worth going still with all the bleeding and he told me to increase progesterone from 8 hourly to 6 hourly but as usual was very vague and said wait and see. It's obviously too late for implantation and too heavy. Painful too. I suppose from what I know already that there are always these women who bleed after 2 embryos are transferred but still have a pregnancy from one that decides to stay so that's why you always have to go through the blood test. It will be such a relief to know and be able to enjoy a big glass of wine. I had really got myself together but this tiny element of doubt is really killing me, as I sit here bleeding, it's ridiculous.

Roll on the next 24 hours!